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Maddie & Tae‘s latest single, “Fly,” is a left turn from their sassy, debut hit, “Girl in a Country Song.” The duo wanted to dig a little deeper this time around, and they felt the inspirational message of “Fly” would help fans understand them more as artists.

The duo’s Maddie Marlow says, “‘Fly’ was not the obvious choice. You know, most people might go the up-tempo, rockin’ song to follow up, but sometimes what’s the easiest choice is not always the best choice.”

The decision to show their vulnerable side is paying off for Maddie & Tae. “Fly” is already getting a big response from fans when they perform it live.

Maddie adds, “They know every single word, and that just is proof that it’s resonating well.”

We can expect more unexpected moments when Maddie & Tae’s new album, Start Here, comes out June 2.

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