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(FERGUSON, Mo.) — The search continues for whoever shot police officers this week in Ferguson, Missouri.  

On Friday, police said they are following “several leads” in the shootings of the two officers.

St. Louis Co. Police Chief Jon Belmar said in a news conference on Friday both officers came “less than an inch” from death, but will make a full recovery.

“I cannot tell you at this point that an arrest is imminent, there’s certainly nobody in custody,” Belmar said.

The raid on a home four blocks from the scene led investigators nowhere, but Belmar urged the public to on Friday keep the tips coming.  

Belmar said on Friday that his officers are working to keep the peace in Ferguson.

“The number one priority on the Police Department right now is to make sure that we continue a tempo of service and protection and relationships in the Ferguson area,” he said. “To make sure that we don’t have a regression of everything that we have been able to accomplish since last Fall.”

There’s a reward of more than $10,000 for information leading to an arrest.

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