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Miranda Lambert‘s new video for “Little Red Wagon” is out. The clip features the singer looking quite stunning as she checks into a desert motel and charms the staff, including a pretty and shirtless pool boy. In the end, Miranda walks away from the guy with a wink while wearing a blinged-out belt that says “Mrs. Shelton.”

Miranda found “Little Red Wagon” when a friend told her to check out an album by Oklahoma-based artist, Audra Mae, who wrote the song. Once she heard Audra Mae’s version of “Little Red Wagon” on that album, Miranda immediately set out to get in touch with Audra through some mutual songwriter friends.

Miranda says, “I really did my P.I. homework. I finally got in touch with her, and we became friends and wrote a couple times together.”

After a few writing sessions, Miranda finally got the courage to ask Audra Mae if she could record “Little Red Wagon.” Audra said yes and ended up singing background vocals on the song, too. “Little Red Wagon” has since become a cornerstone of Miranda’s concert set list.

She adds, “It just felt like me — just felt like a song that I wish I’d have written.”

“Little Red Wagon” is the latest single from Miranda’s current album, Platinum.

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