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(MADISON, Wis.) — The mayor of Madison, Wisconsin, spoke out Monday about the shooting death last weekend of an unarmed 19-year-old black male by a white police officer, saying the city is “grieving and angry” about the fatal incident.

As required by the law, Wisconsin’s justice department will handle the probe into the shooting but Mayor Paul Soglin expressed his frustration of not knowing how long the investigation will take.

At the same time, Soglin said the shooting will also fuel “a discussion of some of these larger societal issues: inherent racism, bias.”

Meanwhile, Soglin praised the Madison community for protesting Tony Robinson’s fatal shooting in a respectful way.

One of the demonstrations Monday involved about 200 hundred students from Madison East High School walking out of class and marching down to the capitol to express their anger.

According to Madison Police Chief Mike Koval, Robinson was spotted dodging in and out of traffic Friday night following an alleged battery, prompting Officer Matt Kenny to follow him to the apartment where he lived. Upon hearing what he says was a disturbance inside the home, Kenny forced his way inside where Koval says a scuffle ensued.

“This same subject then assaulted my officer and in the context of mutual combat in that sense, the officer did draw his revolver and subsequently shot the subject,” Koval said.

However, Koval also issued the following statement in an online blog post Monday to Robinson’s family, “Reconciliation cannot begin without my stating ‘I am sorry,’ and I don’t think I can say this enough. I am sorry. I hope that, with time, Tony’s family and friends can search their hearts to render some measure of forgiveness. Certainly, this will not take place soon given the circumstances. It may take some time for this loop to close but I pray that it will, in fact, close.”

According to court documents obtained by ABC News, Robinson pleaded guilty to charges of being a party to armed robbery in April 2014, and was under supervision when police responded to a complaint about him Friday night.

Officer Kenny, 45, was also involved in a 2007 shooting but was cleared of any wrongdoing.

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