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On Wednesday’s Nashville, Mayor Teddy Conrad grew increasingly paranoid his brief relationship with the call girl, Natasha, would be found out as more and more people learned about the forbidden affair. At the end of the episode, Teddy showed up at Natasha’s house in an effort to come up with a lie about how they met. Unfortunately, an unrelated sting operation was going down at Natasha’s house, so cameras and audio of Teddy covering up the affair was recorded in a surveillance van down the street.

Teddy’s paranoia was fueled by his one-time blackmailer, Jeff Fordham, who was facing hard times since the record label he ran, Edgehill Republic, was suddenly shut down completely. Jeff was fired when his boss found out about his underhanded scheme to sign a record deal with Teddy and Rayna Jaymes‘ daughter, Maddie, using Teddy’s relationship with the call girl as leverage. Look for Jeff to continue threatening to expose Teddy in the coming weeks.

Since superstar Luke Wheeler was left without a recording home due to the shuttering of Edgehill Republic, Jeff proposed Luke start his own label and let Jeff run the operation. They signed former Edgehill act Will Lexington to the label, but Luke ultimately cut Jeff out of the deal completely due to his terrible reputation.

Rayna Jaymes and her manager, Bucky, met with multiple acts in hopes of signing new talent to Highway 65 Records.  They ultimately decided to sign Will’s ex-wife, Layla Grant, to the label. In the meantime, Rayna and her lawyers dipped into the Highway 65’s liability insurance to reach a settlement with Sadie Stone‘s abusive ex-husband, Pete. His lawsuit claiming ownership of a portion of Sadie’s career brought work on her new album to a halt, and Rayna threatened to ruin Pete if he ever messed with Sadie again once his payoff agreement was signed.

As Deacon Claybourne continued to wait for a liver, his oncologist offered him the option of signing up for a cancer drug trial. Deacon ultimately refused to participate in the trial, and his niece, Scarlett O’Conner turned to her ex-boyfriends, Avery Barkley and Gunnar Scott, to help her make some music to escape her sadness about Deacon. They ended up performing a new song called “World on Time” as a trio at The Bluebird Café, and the love song seemed appropriate as Scarlett made the leap to finally ask Deacon’s cute oncologist out on a date.

“World on Time” is a song written by one of Nashville‘s favorite songwriters, Trent Dabbs. He’s penned several songs for the show, including Juliette Barnes‘ big hit, “Don’t Put Dirt on My Grave Just Yet.” As for “World on Time,” Trent tells ABC News Radio, “[It’s] just a straight-up love song, and that’s another thing that I feel like is so much harder to do than it seems — just to write a straight-up love song that isn’t corny all, you know? So, it felt like an old-school, folky love song.”

As for “Don’t Put Dirt on My Grave Just Yet,” Trent admits he had someone else in the country world in mind when he co-wrote it.

Caitlyn Smith and I had written it for a potential Carrie Underwood pitch, and it was like, ‘I’ll just send it to [Nashville Music Supervisor] Frankie [Pine].’  And she loved it, and then asked me if I would consider re-writing some of it, and I was like, ‘Sure.'” 

If you’re interested to hear Trent Dabbs’ version of “World on Time,” be sure to pick up a copy of his new album, Believer, available now. The Nashville cast version of “World on Time” is available at iTunes.

Nashville returns with an all-new episode next Wednesday night at 10 ET on ABC.

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