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(NEW YORK) — The FBI released a video Tuesday it says shows the so-called “Black Hat Bandits” in action robbing a bank.

The pair has robbed seven banks in Virginia and Maryland in the last two months, according to the FBI.

They received their name because they don black hats, winter coats, sunglasses and some kind of facial disguise — like a ski mask or a fake beard — during the robberies.

The video released on Tuesday shows the two robbing a bank in Arnold, Maryland, on Jan. 30, the FBI said.

Their most recent robberies happened on Feb. 18 when they hit two banks within 40 minutes of each other in Virginia.

The robbers have become increasingly violent, the FBI says, “most recently holding a gun to a customer’s head and jumping teller counters in attempts to gain access [to] bank vaults.”

Based on their tactics, the FBI believes the robbers either have military or police training.

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