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(LAS VEGAS) — The husband of the woman killed in the so-called “road rage” incident explains the biggest misconceptions of that evening’s dramatic events. In an interview with ABC News, he also explained that one suspect still “at large” got out of his car to threaten his wife and daughter.

“The reason I didn’t know this story is, for one, it wasn’t explained to me,” Robert Meyers said. “It was explained to me one way. And that’s how I told it. Until we started getting all the information and all the facts came out, that’s how I have knowledge of all this. My son was very hurt, thinking I was going to blame him for his mom going down, and he didn’t come forward with all the things.”

Meyers, who said his family is devastated by the loss of his wife, said he has struggled to piece together the events of that night.

He said his daughter described the events of that night to him. “The suspect got in front of my wife’s car, got out of the driver’s seat — the gentleman they haven’t found yet. He’s still at large,” Meyers said.

According to Meyers, the man who is still at large got out of his vehicle and came to the hood of his wife’s car and said something to the effect of “‘I’m going to kill you and your daughter,’ or ‘We’re going to get you and your daughter,'” Meyers said, recounting what he said his daughter told him.

“And my daughter believes how he knew she was the daughter is because she was screaming ‘mommy, mommy,’ you know, because he cut them off and let them go,” Meyers said. “And after that, my daughter said my wife spun out to get away from this guy right on this street. My daughter said my wife was going as fast as she could. …My wife was as great driver. She came from a good stock of drivers.”

Police said Erich Nowsch Jr., who was arrested Thursday, told his friends that he was a passenger in the car and police believe he shot Tammy Meyers.

Nowsch’s lawyer said in an exclusive interview that his client was acting in self-defense and that no road rage occurred.

Nowsch has been charged with murder, attempted murder and illegal discharge of a gun in the death of Tammy Meyers.

Nowsch made his first court appearance Monday in Las Vegas. He did not speak and did not enter a plea.

When Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson was asked after the hearing if he will seek the death penalty for Nowsch, he said, “Nothing is off the table,” ABC Las Vegas affiliate KTNV reported.

Defense attorney Conrad Claus earlier had told ABC News in an exclusive interview that Nowsch — not Meyers — may have been the target the night of the shooting, on Feb. 12.

“The facts seem to point to self-defense in this situation,” Claus told ABC News. “It seems to explain the facts we have in front of us more sensibly than any other explanation.”

According to a police report released Friday, there were two shooting scenes. Police said Nowsch told friends he felt threatened as he watched Tammy Meyers and her 15-year-old daughter take part in a driving lesson. According to the report, Nowsch jumped in a friend’s silver Audi and followed Meyers and her daughter.

The Audi’s driver cut off the mother and daughter and got out of the car, telling Meyers, “I’m gonna come back for you and your daughter,” according to the police report.

That’s when police said Meyers went home and picked up her son Brandon, who was armed with a gun, and went out to find the driver who threatened her.

According to the police report, Meyers and her son approached the vehicle Nowsch was in and Nowsch opened fire.

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