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The truth came out about Mayor Teddy Conrad‘s brief relationship with a prostitute on Wednesday’s Nashville. In light of that revelation, Rayna Jaymes decided their daughters, Maddie and Daphne, would no longer be allowed to stay at Teddy’s house. Edgehill Republic record label president Jeff Fordham had used Teddy’s affair as leverage to get him to sign his oldest daughter, Maddie, to a recording contract with Edgehill. When she found out about the signing, Rayna went into Jeff’s board meeting with the chairman of the label to expose Jeff’s underhanded dealings in Maddie’s record deal. The chairman voided the deal and fired Jeff, who sought comfort from young singer Layla Grant at the end of the episode.

Sadie Stone‘s abusive ex-husband, Pete, tracked her down to the recording studio in Nashville despite her restraining order against him. Sadie was later served with papers that Pete is suing to enforce a management agreement they signed years ago. Pete continued stalking Sadie outside the recording studio, but he left when Sadie reminded him the security cameras would prove he was in violation of the restraining order. Sadie and her producer, Avery Barkley, then went on to create a great recording of her new song, “Sad Song,” inspired by her situation with Pete.

In his ongoing efforts to get over Rayna jilting him on their wedding day, Luke Wheeler invited Gunnar Scott and Will Lexington for a boys’ night out on the town. After a night of drinking and dancing with random girls, the guys woke up with rough hangovers.  Gunnar went on to burn old pictures of himself with his late brother, Jason, and his ex-girlfriend, Kylie. You’ll recall Kylie cheated on Gunnar with Jason, and it turns out Jason is the father of Kylie’s child, Micah. As he tossed the photos in the fire, Gunnar told Will, “I look at these smiling faces. All I see are lies now.”

In real life, Sam Palladio, who plays Gunnar Scott, has nothing but happy memories of the music he’s helped create on Nashville over the last three seasons. The cast has produced seven albums’ worth of material since the show premiered in 2012, and Sam admits he often goes back and listens to some of the songs from earlier seasons.

Sam tells ABC News Radio, “They come on my shuffle quite a lot. I’m like, ‘Oh, this one was great!'”

He especially loves going back to the song he sang on the show’s first season, “Shine,” which was written by his friend Trent Dabbs and rising country star, Ashley Monroe.

Sam continues,  A lot of the season one material stood out — The Civil Wars, “If I Didn’t Know Better,” the very first song is always going to have a real place on the mantelpiece as a moment in  time and a song that really helped all our careers sort of get this far as it closed that pilot episode.

Gunnar’s songs performed with his ex-girlfriend Zoey and pal Avery, collectively known as ZAG, were also highlights for Sam.

“We get a new incarnation of that band in the latter half of this season coming up, ’cause Zoey went and dumped Gunnar,” Sam says. “He’s always having somebody dump him or reject him. Or finding out that his new little love of his life, little Micah, that’s not his. Oh, it’s heartbreaking. Oh, dear!”

Music from all three seasons of Nashville, including this week’s featured track, “Sad Song,” is available on iTunes. Nashville returns with a brand-new episode next Wednesday night at 10 ET on ABC.

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