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(NEW YORK) — After Westminster Kennel Club winner Miss P enjoyed a steak on a silver platter, she’ll follow the route of her grand-uncle and 2008 “Best in Show” winner Uno: retirement.

Uno was the first beagle to win “Best in Show” in 2008. After hitting the top, Uno is living “happily in retirement,” Westminster director of communications David Frei said.

“He’s the king of a 200-acre ranch in Austin, Texas,” Frei said, adding that he last saw the nine-year old beagle and his owner in October.

“He’s living with a bunch of dogs, pygmy goats and longhorn cattle,” he said.

Uno had four owners in 2008, but now he is cared for by Caroline Dowell, who could not be reached for comment.

Uno’s grand-niece, Miss P, has already had a photo shoot on top of the Empire State building. She then headed to Sardi’s for the traditional winner’s meal in Manhattan. She will leave New York Thursday.

At 4 years old, Miss P is of average age in the dog show world, Frei said of the 20-time competition winner.

“After you win at Westminster, there’s nothing more for you to win. She retires from the dog show world, will have a litter or two and contribute to the health and well-being of the breed,” he said.

The last time a “Best in Show” dog returned for another win was the 1970s, which was unsuccessfully attempted again in 1993.

Frei said he didn’t know whether Uno sired puppies, the typical path of winners.

“That’s what dog shows are all about: identify breeding stocks and find us the next generation of healthy, happy dogs. I think we’ve well identified her [Miss P] as a superior breeding stock,” he said. “We’ll hopefully bring some great puppies in the world not only for the show world but someone’s couch at home.”

Frei said Miss P’s handler and owner will take applications for “suitable mates” for Miss P, based on bloodlines and pedigrees. But for now, Miss P fell asleep Wednesday on the way to Sardi’s.

“I’ve had her since 6:30 and she’s crashed on her way to the press conference,” Frei said. “She’s pacing herself.”

On Wednsday night, she will have a walk-on role in the musical Kinky Boots.

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