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(LOS ANGELES) — Alaska Airline officials aren’t sure how a scorpion made its way onto a flight, stinging a passenger. But experts say the critter was likely a stowaway from Mexico, where the flight originated.

A woman was stung while waiting for Alaska Airlines Flight 567 to take off from Los Angeles International Airport, en route to Portland, Oregon, Saturday night, an airline spokesman said.

The plane was taxi-ing for takeoff, but later went back to the gate, where the woman was checked by medics and released, airline spokesman Cole Cosgrove said.

“When the flight was at the gate, as medics were checking out the customer, some maintenance employees came on the plane to do a look through the cabin to make sure there were no other scorpions,” Cosgrove said.

The Oregon State men’s basketball team was on the plane, sitting two rows behind the woman.

“We thought maybe we were in the middle of a bad Samuel Jackson movie,” coach Wayne Tinkle said.

The plane took off for Portland after about a 50-minute delay, though the woman who was stung did not get back on the flight.

According to Cosgrove, flight attendants killed the scorpion, but he said he didn’t know how.

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