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(BOSTON) — A winter storm slamming the Northeast forced airlines to cancel more than 1,000 flights in the region, as heavy snow and near-blizzard conditions hit coastal New England.

Boston has received 10.2 inches of snow so far this weekend, bringing its total to 89.7 inches this season, the city’s third snowiest on record.

According to Flightaware, as of 3 a.m. Sunday, more than 400 flights had been cancelled out of Boston’s Logan International Airport alone. All MBTA services and Amtrak services between the city and Brunswick, Maine, were also suspended.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said Sunday he realizes the snow is “frustrating for everyone.”

“It’s getting frustrating for myself,” he said. “There’s no place to put the snow. Everyone’s getting aggravated being in the house. But I ask you to stay calm and stay focused.”

Walsh said the city has spent $32 million so far on this winter’s storms — way over its budget — with the latest snowfall costing another $7 million.

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker warned that freezing temperatures and gusty winds will make roads icy and dangerous for travelers during the Presidents Day weekend.

“It’s just going to be a very bad day to be on the roads and we would urge everybody to do everything they can to stay off,” he said.

Baker added that coastal communities were expected to get the worst of the storm.

“The high tide, while it certainly presents minor and moderate flooding issues, is not quite as severe as people anticipated it might be,” he said. “The wind gusts along the coast tend to be in the 60 mile-an-hour range at this point, and that does cause us some concern with respect to power outages.”

More than 50,000 people in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. area are without power Sunday.

The storm is expected to begin to clear out Sunday night, but bitter cold temperatures will remain. By early Monday morning, major cities in the Northeast will feel like they are in the -10s and -20s and freezing temperatures will settle in all the way down to the Southeast.

Some of the major cities in the Northeast may see their lowest temperatures in more than a decade.

Snow will fall in Missouri, southern Illinois, and Kentucky, while ice is expected in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and western Tennessee.

Rain will also fall in Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas Sunday night and Monday.

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