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(STEPHENVILLE, Texas) — As they investigated the shooting deaths of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle and another man, officials discovered drug paraphernalia, marijuana, prescription pill bottles and whiskey inside accused killer Eddie Ray Routh’s home, a Texas Ranger testified in court Friday.

The murder trial’s third day focused on Routh’s drug use and the state of his home after he was arrested for killing Kyle, 38, a famed former Navy SEAL sniper, and Kyle’s friend, Chad Littlefield, 35.

Ranger David Armstrong described the layout of Routh’s home and the various drug-related objects found there, also including ceramic pipes, a bong, a drug grinder and marijuana.


#snipertrial Showing mostly empty whiskey bottle, drug related items. Boxes of ammo. pic.twitter.com/3cc7BYip6N

— Jim Douglas WFAA (@wfaajdouglas) February 13, 2015



Armstrong shows the jury Routh’s bong. pic.twitter.com/qji2mTK3sk

— Ali Ehrlich (@ehrlichABC) February 13, 2015


Prosecutors have highlighted Routh’s alleged drug use and alcohol consumption on the morning of Feb. 2, 2013, hours before Kyle and Littlefield picked up the veteran and took him to a gun range in an effort to help him cope with reported post-traumatic stress disorder.

Defense attorney Tim Moore argued during his opening statement on Wednesday that Routh, now 27, fatally shot Kyle and Littlefield because he was suffering from psychosis and feared they might be out to kill him.

During Armstrong’s cross examination, Moore suggested many of the prescription pills found on top of Routh’s refrigerator had been prescribed to him to treat schizophrenia.


#snipertrial Def Atty Tim Moore says medicine, on fridge, primarily for schizophrenia. pic.twitter.com/RBzjoYNTrH

— Jim Douglas WFAA (@wfaajdouglas) February 13, 2015



Layout of Eddie Routh’s home #SniperTrial pic.twitter.com/PyFkFCWH6r

— Ali Ehrlich (@ehrlichABC) February 13, 2015


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