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Luke Bryan didn’t plan on having six number-one hits from his latest album, Crash My Party, but he’s glad it turned out that way. Having that many new songs fans want to hear in concert gives him a big boost going into this 2015 tour dates. That means fans who saw him a year ago will be hearing recent hits like “I See You” and “Roller Coaster” for the first time.

Luke says, “When people come back to see my show this year that they saw last year, I’ll have four more hits to throw at ‘em, and heck, that’s 20 minutes of new music that they’ll have at the live show. “

While Luke is taking a little time off from releasing singles after “I See You” ends its run at number one, he hopes the hits keep coming once he releases new music from a new album later this year.

“You do that for a few years, and then you’ve got a lot of variety of hits to throw at people for your live show,” Luke explains.

The drive to score multiple hits started when Luke went to see his heroes like Alan Jackson while growing up in Georgia.

He recalls, “Every song was a hit from Alan Jackson. I’d be like, ‘Wow! This is awesome! This is awesome! He’s playing hits!’ So, it’s neat to be in that position.”

Luke launched the 2015 leg of his That’s My Kind of Night tour Tuesday night in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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