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Carrie Underwood will perform the opening for NBC’s coverage of Super Bowl 49 this Sunday. The “Waiting All Day for a Super Bowl Fight” is a new version of Carrie’s Sunday Night Football opening, “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night.” The new elements include lyrics referring to the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks, too.

Carrie has been performing the opening for two seasons now, and she is proud of the hard work the crew and production staff puts into the opening.

Says Carrie, “They really put a lot of love into it, so I definitely try to do the same — everything from wardrobe and hair and make-up to tryin’ to work my way around the stage and interact with the audience, and I just love the way it turns out.”

Being a part of NBC’s Super Bowl coverage is the perfect marriage of two of Carrie’s loves — music and football.

“It was, I guess, only a matter of time before I got to do everything, all that, all at once,” Carrie says. “So, I definitely hope that’s something that I get to do for many years, ’cause it’s just so much fun.”

NBC’s Super Bowl coverage kicks off at noon ET this Sunday.

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