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(NEW YORK) — The racially-charged case involving a white police officer who shot an unarmed black teen to death in Ferguson, Missouri, last summer will likely end with no civil rights charges filed by the Justice Department, according to The New York Times, although no formal decision has been reached.

A grand jury last November absolved former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson in Michael Brown’s shooting death, a decision that touched off violent demonstrations and a nationwide movement against alleged police abuses against African-Americans.

Brown’s parents and civil rights activists have hoped that the Justice Department would keep the case open by deeming that Brown’s civil rights were violated when he was shot six times by Wilson following an altercation.

However, the Times reports that the Justice Department has apparently found no reason to differ from the findings of the grand jury, which took two months to investigate the shooting.

To be charged with civil rights violations, there has to be proof that Wilson knew that shooting Brown was wrong but he chose to do so anyway.

It’s not known when the Department of Justice will make its formal announcement in a legal memo. Attorney General Eric Holder, who is leaving his post, had promised to deliver the decision before stepping down.

Meanwhile, it’s expected that Brown’s family will file civil charges against Wilson and the Ferguson police department.

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