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(WASHINGTON) — After the U.S. Central Command’s Twitter and YouTube accounts were compromised Monday, Pentagon spokesperson Col. Steve Warren explained to reporters on Tuesday why he referred to the incident as “cybervandalism” and not as a “hack.”

A “hack,” Warren said, has the connotation of a “higher level of seriousness,” while “cybervandalism describes what we saw here…more of an inconvenience, more of an annoyance, certainly an embarrassment to some degree, but this is not anything that compromised any of our systems, any of our networks or our important information.”

Warren said Tuesday that it was too soon to determine who was responsible for the “cybervandalism,” but that Centcom was working with the FBI. He also noted that about 50 social media accounts controlled by the Office of the Secretary of Defense have had their passwords changed.

On Tuesday morning, Centcom’s YouTube page returned. The Twitter account was restored late Monday night.

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