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(WASHINGTON) — Heavy smoke inside a Washington, D.C. subway station killed one person and sent more than 80 others to the hospital on Monday.

Hundreds of commuters were forced to evacuate from the L’Enfant Plaza station Monday afternoon, right before the start of the afternoon rush hour.

Alec DuBois was among the commuters evacuated, and he described the situation as “frantic.”  

“Gas and smoke just starts piling in and people are freaking out, going everywhere,” said DuBois. “The metro, conductor of the metro is just telling everyone to be calm like every five minutes.”

John Williams, who was on the train at the station as it filled with smoke, said passengers initially attempted to change cars when the smoke condition began.

“We tried to go from train to train through the doors at each end but when we did, more smoke would pour in. People kept trying to call the train operator on the radio, it was crazy,” he said.

Williams said he and other passengers eventually had trouble breathing, due to the heavy smoke condition.

“We had to walk down one train at a time and just walk down the tracks and people were passing out, they were dragging people and people were unconscious,” said Williams.  “It was a nightmare.”

Investigators still have not yet determined what caused the problem, but officials from the National Transportation Safety Board were investigating the tunnel section where the incident occured on Monday night. 


Investigators in the Metro tunnel in DC where today’s incident occurred. pic.twitter.com/FAvljXJn3W

— NTSB (@NTSB) January 13, 2015



Investigators at work in the tunnel near the site of today’s Metro incident near L’Enfant Plaza. pic.twitter.com/VJVKe50RAK

— NTSB (@NTSB) January 13, 2015


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