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(NEW YORK) — The Youtube and Twitter accounts belonging to the U.S. military appeared to have been hijacked by ISIS supporters on Monday.

The Twitter account for U.S. Central Command, which is the section of the military whose area of responsibility includes Iraq and Syria, was apparently taken over by a group calling themselves CyberCaliphate for less than an hour. The group replaced CentCom’s logo with a message that says “i love you isis.”

As of this report, the account has been suspended.

Central Command spokesperson Col. Patrick Ryder confirmed the compromise and said the military is “taking appropriate measures to address the matter.”

When it had control, the group posted a message saying, “American soldiers, we are coming, watch your back,” and then what the group claimed to be contact information for dozens of personnel.

Next came a deluge of images of what appear to be unclassified but official documents, including possible war game scenarios with China from academics and public roster lists.

Central Command’s YouTube account, which has been hosting videos of American airstrikes on ISIS targets, now includes pro-ISIS videos. That account, as of this report, still appears to be compromised.

The same group claimed to be behind attacks on the websites and social media accounts of local American news stations earlier this month.

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