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Jason Aldean has long-term dreams of opening up his own bar or nightclub, but unlike most country stars with bar or restaurant ventures, Jason won’t be banking on his famous name to bring in customers. He sees the business venture as something to do in case his star fades a little bit down the road.

Jason tells The Country Vibe, “I’d almost rather not even have my name on it and just build something so that when my career’s over or whatever, and all the sudden my name recognition may not be that big a deal for what it is.”

Since Jason started playing in bars when he was just 14-years-old, he feels like he would be a natural at owning and operating his own watering hole.

“I feel like I know a pretty good bit about the bar business,” Jason explains. “So, something like that would be pretty cool, but I’m talking big nightclub kind of thing. That would be something I’d be into.”

Jason’s career is still red hot these days with his 2015 Burn It Down tour launching February 12 in Greenville, South Carolina.

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