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(SAN FRANCISCO) — The iconic Golden Gate Bridge is closed until early Monday morning for some very important safety upgrades.

Workers began installing a moveable barrier late Friday night to separate opposing traffic in an effort to prevent head-on crashes.

Since 1970, there have been 128 head-on collisions on the bridge, resulting in the deaths of 16 people.

Bridge spokesperson Priya Clements said the 52-hour closure will be the longest in the bridge’s history.

“In 1962, we started lane management here on the bridge and that was brand new, innovative across the country. So we’re excited to have another innovative step to have the narrowest median barrier ever being right here on the Golden Gate Bridge,” said Clements.

Alisha Ascensio, who lives near the bridge, is looking forward to the change. She said driving across the span can be frightening.

“Pretty much everyone knows the middle lane or the scary lane, you know what’re you’re talking about, the lane where you’re right next to oncoming traffic, you can almost hear the cars or feel them kind of go past you,” she said.

But not everyone is excited about the changes. Patricia Seeley, who also lives near the bridge, is concerned about the new median taking six inches off each center lane.

“It’s already kind of tight as it is so to take six more inches off it seems like a bit but I think people just have to slow down,” she said.

Installation of the safety barrier is expected to be completed just in time for the morning rush hour on Monday.

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