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Country newcomer Kelleigh Bannen has a new song out titled “Smoke When I Drink,” telling the story of a woman who can’t say no to her ex when she’s had a cocktail or two.

Kelleigh tells ABC News Radio, “I love an addiction metaphor like that for a love thing. ‘Cause we’ve all been in those relationships. And whether they’re good for us or not, we all know that addictive power of those people in our lives.”

While guys score hits singing about drinking all the time, it’s not always easy for a woman to climb the charts singing about downing a few and calling up an old flame. Taking a risk by doing something unexpected is worth it for Kelleigh.

“We’re already wondering if anyone’s listening, and nobody’s listening if you’re putting out something safe and boring,” Kelleigh explains. “I’d almost rather lead with things that people are going to like or dislike.”

Kelleigh is singing “Smoke When I Drink” on the road with Cole Swindell this fall, and they’ve added a duet to the set.

Says Kelleigh, “Cole himself has been so supportive and welcoming. We do a song together in the encore, which is really fun. It’s really gracious of him to bring me out and share his stage with me.”

Look for Kelleigh’s new video for “Smoke When I Drink” now on Vevo. Go to KelleighBannen.com to check out her tour schedule.

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