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Carrie Underwood’s two-disc compilation, Greatest Hits: Decade #1, now available featuring her latest hit, “Something in the Water,” and another new song, “Little Toy Guns.” The release celebrates the approaching 10th anniversary of Carrie launching her career on American Idol back in 2005. Since then, she’s scored multiple #1 hits, including “Jesus, Take the Wheel,” “Cowboy Casanova,” “Before He Cheats” and “Blown Away.” Carrie wasn’t sure she was ready to put out a best-of compilation when her record label first approached her, though.

“I was the first one to be like, ‘I mean, I’ve only been doing this 10 years,’  but it’s been 10 years,” Carrie says. “If we waited much longer, we’d be out of two discs, hopefully!”

Looking over the track listing, Carrie adds, “It’s really cool to kinda see my career, and well, my life over the past 10 years kinda chronicled in that way.”

Carrie’s Greatest Hits also includes the rough demo versions of some of her biggest hits, and she’s excited to let fans hear how these hits, like “Last Name,” sounded before they got polished in the studio.

Carrie explains with a laugh, “We don’t sound great on them at all, which I think is really special. It’s basically the first time that we ever played through or tried to sing the song. I mean, I screw up all over the place.”

Putting out a Greatest Hits album gives Carrie a chance to put out new songs while preparing for the birth of her baby boy in 2015. So far in her career, Carrie has mostly sung about little girls whenever she’s referenced children in her songs.

“I kind of feel bad that I don’t have any songs about, like, boys,” Carrie says. “All my stuff is, like, ‘All-American Girl’ and ‘Mama’s Song.’ Again, it’s like, ‘When I watch my baby grow up, I’ll only want what’s best for her.’  Poor little boy baby Fisher is kind of getting the shaft on this one.”

During an appearance Monday on NBC’s Tonight Show to plug her album, Carrie told host Jimmy Fallon that her husband, pro hockey player Mike Fisher loves to sing while he’s at home, but doesn’t know the words to many songs, including hers.

Look for Carrie to appear on CBS’s The Talk on Wednesday. She’ll also stop by Rachael Ray on Friday to talk about the new album and her fitness lifestyle line, CALIA by Carrie Underwood.

Here’s the track listing for Greatest Hits: Decade #1:

Disc 1
“Something in the Water”
“Little Toy Guns”
“Inside Your Heaven”
“Jesus, Take the Wheel”
“Don’t Forget to Remember Me”
“Before He Cheats”
“So Small”
“All-American Girl”
“Last Name”
“Just a Dream”
“I Told You So” (feat. Randy Travis)

Disc 2
“Cowboy Casanova”
“Temporary Home”
“Undo It”
“Mama’s Song”
“Remind Me” (duet with Brad Paisley)
“Good Girl”
“Blown Away”
“Two Black Cadillacs”
“See You Again”
“How Great Thou Art” (with Vince Gill) (Live from ACM Presents: Girls’ Night Out)*
“So Small” (writing session worktape 1/24/07)*
“Last Name” (writing session worktape 1/22/07)*
“Mama’s Song” (writing session worktape 2/5/09)*

* = never-before-released version.

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