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By the time his new single “Lay Low” started climbing the charts several weeks ago, Josh Turner already had more than ten years of chart success under his belt. The 37-year-old believes he owes at least part of his good fortune to those who came before him.

“I feel like you can learn a lot from artists who have had a really long career and that have had a lot of longevity,” he says. “The reason they’ve had that longevity is that they’re willing to adapt and bend a little bit here and there, but at the same time, continue to make their music.”

Josh admits he’s been doing some bending and adapting himself, as he’s finishing up his forthcoming sixth studio album.

“Good music takes on a lot of different forms. So, I definitely pay attention to that and with Nashville and country radio being so song-driven, you know, I try to really just make sure that the songwriting and the pitch meetings and the listening and all that kind of stuff is a priority.”

Right now, Josh is already road-testing  four of the new tunes from the new CD, due out next year.

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