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(FERGUSON, Mo.) — New surveillance videos show Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson leaving for the hospital hours after he fatally shot 18-year-old Michael Brown, sparking weeks of protest in the Missouri city.

The videos, which were obtained by the St. Louis-Post Dispatch, show Wilson, 28, leaving the police station with another officer and a police union lawyer two hours after the shooting, the newspaper reported.

Dispatch calls also obtained by the newspaper reveal how quickly the situation between Wilson and Brown escalated.

Wilson can be heard just before noon on August 9 asking other units if they need his help locating a robbery suspect.

“You guys need me?” he asks in the recordings.

Less than 10 minutes later, another officer asks for help controlling the scene where Brown was shot.

“Get us several more units over here. There’s going to be a problem,” says the officer.

During the call a woman appears to be crying in the background.

“From the very beginning, the Ferguson Police Dept. has followed what is now seemingly standard operating procedure for police departments around the country: to vilify the victim and put the shooter on a pedestal,” read a statement from attorneys representing the Brown family.

“Information was leaked from within the police department that Wilson was severely beaten and suffered an orbital eye socket ‘blowout,’ indicating that Michael Brown somehow deserved to die. From the video released today it would appear the initial descriptions of his injuries were exaggerated,” the statement continued. “Furthermore, the audio clearly demonstrates that the initial interaction with the officer and Brown had nothing to do with the incident at the convenience store. The remaining portions of the audiotape did not establish any connection with the convenience store incident.”

Brown was unarmed when he was shot six times by Wilson. Weeks of protests and some incidents of looting followed after the shooting outraged the Ferguson community.

Wilson, who has been suspended with pay, claimed he was injured in a confrontation with Brown.

A state grand jury is investigating whether he should face criminal charges. A decision is expected this month.

The Department of Justice is also looking into the case.

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