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(NEW YORK) — Mark Naumovitz and a fellow kayaker off of Florida’s coast encountered a surprising guest this week — a hammerhead shark.

Underwater video shows the shark trailing the group for two miles.

“He hit my rudder and jarred my whole kayak,” Naumovitz said. The shark followed along, “steadily and creepily,” he added.

The kayakers believe the shark was about 13 feet long, about as big as their kayaks.

“With a big shark following you, it got a little hairy — just a little hairy I think,” Naumovitz said.

Hammerheads are not considered as aggressive as great whites, with fewer than 30 attacks in recorded history. But they can be territorial — a lesson learned by a spearfishing duo in California who were circled by an 8-foot hammerhead. The duo clung to each other and jabbed at the shark with spears before deciding to get back on their boat.

Experts believe warm waters from El Nino could be responsible for increases in shark encounters, with the warm waters attracting fish — as well as the bigger fish that eat them.

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