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Josh Turner is back on country radio with a brand-new single, “Lay Low,” and a new studio album to follow in 2015. While he’s sticking to his guns musically, Josh has paid more attention than ever before to recording potential hit songs for the new album.

Josh tells ABC News Radio, “We’ve had radio in mind with every tracking session that we’ve done so far, which is pretty unheard of with a Josh Turner session. That’s not really the way I’ve ever approached a record.”

It’s not that Josh is chasing the rock and hip-hop influenced sounds dominating country radio these days.

“I don’t pay too much attention to what’s going on out there,” Josh explains, “and I don’t let what other artists are doing influence really what I do. I kind of look back at what I’ve done thus far and try to figure out how I can keep all those important elements and continue to evolve and improve.”

Josh’s last album, Punching Bag, came out in 2012 featuring the most-played song of that year at country radio, “Time Is Love.” He also put out a book, Man Stuff: Thoughts on Faith, Family and Fatherhood, earlier this year.

As for people calling this new project a “comeback,” Josh says, “I’ve been pretty busy. I haven’t been taking time off.”

Josh has been performing four brand-new songs in his live shows lately. Go to JoshTurner.com to see where he’s playing next.

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