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On Wednesday’s Nashville, Avery Barkley rushed to be by his ex-girlfriend Juliette Barnes‘ side after she collapsed at a concert. Juliette is carrying Avery’s baby and suffers from a previously-unknown medical condition that causes blood clots. This disorder, which led to her collapse, forced Juliette to cancel her tour and bump up the shooting schedule on her Patsy Cline biopic.

As for Avery, Juliette told him he’d have to be her boyfriend again if he wanted to see the baby. Ultimately, Avery forgave Juliette for the infidelity that ended their relationship, but he’s still not able to trust her. Avery added that Juliette had no choice but to let him be in their child’s life. The episode ended with Juliette announcing her pregnancy at a press conference and naming Avery as the father.

Gunnar Scott continued bonding with his son, Micah, though the child’s mother, Kylie, did not want Micah knowing Gunnar is his father. Gunnar was able to convince Kylie to stay in Nashville instead of taking Micah with her as she pursued a new love interest in another town. Gunnar’s girlfriend, Zoey Dalton, walked in on Kylie, Gunner and Micah looking like a family inside Gunnar’s. It’s another unwelcome blow for Zoey, who was fired from the Juliette Barnes tour this week, too.

In his quest to sign Rayna Jaymes‘ daughters to a record deal against her well, Jeff Fordham continued growing closer to Rayna’s ex-husband and co-parent, Mayor Teddy Conrad. Teddy met a woman named Natasha through Jeff, and she and the mayor ended up going for a skinny dip in Jeff’s pool. Teddy was furious when Jeff told him Natasha was a paid escort, but Teddy ended up calling her for company later in the episode. Look for Jeff to use Teddy’s relationship with the escort as leverage in future episodes.

While Teddy was swimming with his call girl and Rayna was out on tour, their daughter Maddie hosted a wild party at Rayna’s house. Younger daughter Daphne got scared when the party got out of hand and called the police.

Rayna was also thrilled to learn she and fiancé Luke Wheeler were both nominated for multiple CMA Awards, including Entertainer of the Year. Due to some Twitter backlash, Rayna grew concerned she was only getting the nods because of her relationship with Luke. She decided to campaign against Luke for the trophies, but they vowed they wouldn’t let the competition strain their romantic relationship.

Luke Wheeler also welcomed Sara Evans onstage at his show in Milwaukee to perform a duet of her latest single, “Put My Heart Down.” In real life, that duet has been serviced to country radio and is now available for download. Will Chase, who plays Luke Wheeler, absolutely loved working with Sara.

He tells ABC News Radio, “She’s a gem anyway. She’s a real treat. She’s the real deal.”

Will also appreciates the deceptive nature of the song’s lyrics and melody.

“It’s a joyous, lilty, great groove, but it’s about breaking up,” Will says with a laugh. “So, it’s this lovely juxtaposition that I think these writers in this town really get.”

As for his portrayal of Luke Wheeler, Will drew on some of country’s biggest male country stars for inspiration.

He explains, “The template they kept giving me was Tim McGraw, as far as superstardom and stuff like that, but I think I tended to go more towards Blake [Shelton] as far as that charm and disarm and just a good guy.”

Will insists he thinks Tim is a good guy, but he adds, “Blake just wears that on his sleeve, and [he’s] just a good ‘ol boy.”

Will is already picking out the clothes he’s going to wear to next week’s real-life CMA Awards, which will pre-empt Nashville next Wednesday night on ABC. Nashville returns with a brand-new episode Wednesday, November 12.

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