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(SALT LAKE CITY) — Closing arguments and jury deliberations are scheduled for Tuesday in the case of a Utah man accused of shooting his wife to death after a night of drinking and watching the TV series Dexter, a show about a serial killer.

Conrad Truman, 32, described the moment of his wife’s death in court Friday, telling a jury he was inside the house while his wife was taking a bath.

Truman said he suddenly heard a pop.

His wife Heidy Truman appeared naked in the hallway, bleeding and choking, he said. He says he attempted CPR.

“I was over her at first, and I was trying to communicate, and there was no communication,” he told the court. “There was a lot of choking, like gasping for air, and I checked for a pulse and I just wanted to make sure she was going to stay breathing for when I went to grab the phone.”

Truman was questioned about the exact episode of Dexter he was watching the night of the shooting, Sept. 30, 2012, but he testified that he didn’t remember the details. He insists he didn’t shoot his wife and that she must have accidentally shot herself or been hit by a bullet fired from outside the house.

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Earlier that evening, he says, he heard a disturbance outside, which he investigated with his dog and gun, but said he found nothing and didn’t call police.

He also admitted to prosecutors that he had argued with his wife that night, but says it wasn’t anything serious.

“We were just bickering back and forth, what dog – if we were to get a dog – what dog it would be,” he said.

He appeared adamant when questioned Thursday about his innocence.

“Did you shoot your wife?” a defense attorney asked.

“No,” he said.

“Did you kill your wife?”


Much of the trial has focused on Truman’s demeanor the night of the shooting, including his incomprehensive speech in his 911 call and behavior around his wife’s body.

“I was just confused,” he said in court Thursday. “I didn’t know what was going on.”

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