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(DALLAS) — Public health officials in Ohio have retraced the steps of the second nurse to contract Ebola while working in Dallas.

Amber Vinson spent most of her time with her family near Akron, Ohio, after flying there from Texas, officials said.

Vinson’s temperature was 99.5 degrees — below the 100.4 reading for a fever, according to a federal official from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — before boarding a passenger flight on Monday.

A fever is one of the symptoms of Ebola. Other symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

Vinson was not asked to avoid boarding the flight.

The officials said that Vinson did not visit restaurants, grocery stores or attend football games while in Ohio.

Vinson did visit “a retail establishment” on one occasion during her stay, the officials said, but did not offer any specifics.

Authorities have identified five people that she may have had contact with during that outing. Those five people have agreed to voluntarily enter a 21-day quarantine period, officials said.

In addition to those, two other contacts have been identified and are also under quarantine — making it a total of seven people in Ohio under voluntary quarantine, officials said.

Officials said those people — none of whom were named — have not shown any symptoms of the deadly virus.

Authorities also said they will be in contact with them and will monitor them, including daily on-site visits to take their temperature.

Vinson’s mother, who traveled from Cleveland to Dallas, does not have any symptoms, and is also under voluntary quarantine, officials said.

CDC officials believe that Vinson was not exhibiting further symptoms on the Oct. 13 flight.

“The patient was not showing any other symptoms while on board the plane — no vomiting or diarrhea. The only symptom Amber was showing was the fever,” CDC spokesman Tom Skinner told ABC News.

Airline officials concurred, stating that Vinson’s only symptom at the time was the slightly elevated temperature.

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