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(HOUSTON) — The Texas doctor convicted last week of poisoning her lover was sentenced on Monday to 10 years in prison.

Dr. Ana Gonzalez-Angulo, who was found guilty of aggravated assault Friday, was charged after prosecutors said she spiked Dr. George Blumenschein’s coffee in 2013 with ethylene glycol, a sweet-tasting chemical found in antifreeze.

“I am very grateful; justice has been served,” Blumenschein said at the start of the trial’s sentencing phase Friday.

Gonzalez-Angulo, 43, and Blumenschein, 50, both worked as oncologists at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

Blumenschein’s girlfriend had testified in court last week that he suspected his mistress, Gonzalez-Angulo, was responsible but that he was afraid to contact authorities.

Evette Toney told a Houston courtroom about how she found out her boyfriend, Blumenschein, was having an affair with fellow cancer researcher Gonzalez-Angulo at the prestigious cancer center.

Prosecutors said Gonzalez-Angulo spiked Blumenschein’s coffee after he picked Toney over her.

The poisoning left Blumenschein with permanent kidney damage, according to testimony from doctors who treated him.

Gonzalez-Angulo had pleaded not guilty, and could have faced up to life in prison.

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