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(CRESCO, Pa.) — The mountain dragnet for accused cop killer Eric Frein sent officers to a sprawling abandoned hotel in an area that Frein has been known to visit.

The search of the Buck Hill Inn near the town of Cresco in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania Friday morning failed to locate Frein, the latest police search for Frein that turned up empty.

Police initially asked the press to stay back because it was an “active scene.”

“Search teams are searching and clearing the Buck Hill Inn, an abandoned resort… Frein has been known to visit the area in the past and it is a large facility that needs to be cleared,” state police said on Friday. “There has been no sighting there or no one specific reason as to why it is being searched.”

Hours later, most of the police later left the hotel.

Frein, 31, has been on the FBI’s Most Wanted list and the subject of a massive manhunt since he allegedly ambushed two Pennsylvania state troopers on Sept. 12. He is a self-taught survivalist, a weapons expert and a war reenactor who specializes in Eastern European armies, police and colleagues have said.

The Buck Hill Inn, once listed among the country’s top 10 convention centers, was a huge complex with several large buildings honeycombed with hundreds of rooms. At its peak in the 1980s, it had over 400 guest rooms, an indoor swimming pool with a retractable roof, a dining hall, several lobbies and a massive stone porch with a view of the Pocono mountains.

The hotel has been closed since 1991 and photos from inside the building show rusting staircases, peeling paint, an empty pool and signs of rot in the warren of stairways, hallways and rooms.

Cops searching for Frein have searched peoples’ homes in the area, empty hunting cabins and as well as cave complexes throughout the area. Lt. Col. George Bivens, who is leading the manhunt, said earlier this week that searchers had evicted a few bears in their hunt for Frein.

Police and civilians in the area have spotted who they believe is Frein several times, but always at a distance that made it impossible to capture him. They have also found diapers believed used by Frein as well as Drina cigarette packs, a Serbian brand.

Investigators are also looking for anyone who may have seen Frein’s Jeep Cherokee Sport before Monday, Sept. 15 in and around the Blooming Grove station where the ambush occurred.

The vehicle was found partially submerged in a pond and inside the car were shell casings that matched the bullets fired at the troopers along with face camouflage and two empty rifle cases.

An AK-47 rifle and ammunition was later found in the woods that police believe Frein either abandoned or had stashed.

Frein is believed to be armed with a .308 rifle with a scope, police have said, and is considered to be extremely dangerous.

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