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(NEW YORK) — Police hunting accused cop killer Eric Frein have found empty packs of Serbian cigarettes and soiled diapers they believe belonged to the suspect, a survivalist who likes to reenact Eastern European battles.

Frein even seems to be taunting the dragnet by showing himself at distances too far to be captured, Lt. Col. George Bivens said.

Bivens said there have been several sightings of Frein, believed to be hiding out near the Delaware State Forest in Pennsylvania.

Frein is accused of shooting two state troopers at the Blooming Grove barracks on Sept. 12.

“We continue to find evidence of Frein’s presence,” Bivens said at a press conference Wednesday, adding that the items are being tested for DNA.

Both civilians and law enforcement officers believe they’ve spotted Frein, he added. Some people said the suspect, a self-trained survivalist, was wearing black.

“Lethal force is authorized upon positive identification if he is not actively surrendering,” Bivens said.

There have also been reports of gunshots in the area — none fired by law enforcement, he said.

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