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If Kenny Chesney goes on a little late for one of his concerts next year, it might be because he’s sitting on his bus, playing NCAA Football on his Playstation. Kenny admits he’s “pretty addicted” to the video game.

Looking back on his 2013 tour, Kenny tells People, “Several nights my tour manager would come on the bus and say, ‘It’s time to go onstage,’ when I’m in the middle of the fourth quarter, and I’m like, ‘They can wait!'”

Kenny is no couch potato, though. He gets up really early every day to work with his trainer after eating five egg whites and one whole egg scrambled with peppers and coconut oil.  “That’s my daily ritual,” he says.

Kenny has been known to splurge on his diet, but he prefers to get his calories from alcohol over fried foods. He had his last hangover back in June, the morning after George Strait‘s final tour stop at AT&T Stadium in Dallas.

“George invited a lot of acts, and there was a big party [after the show],” Kenny says. “The next day was awful. The mixture of stuff was what killed me.”

For more of Kenny’s confessions, pick up the latest issue of People.

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