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(INDIALANTIC, Fla.) — Testimony continues Tuesday in the trial of a Florida woman accused of killing a friend who was having an affair with her estranged husband.

Prosecutors say Sheila Graham-Trott and her husband, former Indialantic, Florida, Mayor Dan Trott, were in the midst of a divorce when she killed her friend Kelly Brennan in February 2010.

Graham-Trott has pleaded not guilty.

Dan Trott has testified that he started dating Brennan as his marriage with Graham-Trott eroded. Brennan and Trott had planned to meet at the gym in February 2010.

But Brennan never showed.

Graham-Trott’s mother called 911 to report Brennan’s death, a detail that stands out to legal analyst Mark Eiglarsh.

“What makes this case so unusual is how the defendant was acting immediately after the murder,” Eiglarsh said. “Her family felt compelled to call 911.”

Prosecutors say Graham-Trott led her own family to Brennan’s body. She was 46.

But the defense argues that other people had a motive to kill Brennan, including Brennan’s husband, Gino Rallo. Rallo testified Monday that he had nothing to do with his wife’s slaying, and prosecutors say he has an alibi, given that he was seen in surveillance footage at a local Walgreens at the time of Brennan’s death.

Rallo told jurors he never gave up on the idea of reconciling with his wife.

“Mr. Rallo, you loved your wife?” a defense attorney asked Rallo.

“Very much,” he responded.

“Even after you found out she’d been cheating on you behind your back for several months?” the attorney asked.

“Yes,” Rallo said.

“You still wanted to be with her?” the attorney asked.

“Yes,” Rallo said.

Graham-Trott’s attorneys declined to comment to ABC News.

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