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(NEW YORK) — As we enter the most active part of the hurricane season in the Atlantic, we have our eyes on both coasts: Tropical Storm Marie in the Pacific and Hurricane Cristobal in the Atlantic.

In the past 24 hours, ABC News’ Ginger Zee has fielded some frequently asked questions and wanted to share:

One question:


@Ginger_Zee Hurricanes are supposed to be in alphabetical order. How did we go from #CHRISTOBAL to #MARIE ? @GMA #GMA

— Col. Tim (@OriginalColTim) August 27, 2014


Ginger Zee’s Answer: It does, but each ocean has its own list. The Pacific is already through to “M” and the Atlantic is now on “C”.

Another question: I thought hurricanes were called typhoons if they are in the Pacific?

Ginger Zee’s Answer: Not in the eastern Pacific. A hurricane is a typhoon is a cyclone — just called different things in different parts of the world.


Why can’t #gingerzee say #Cristobal?She is still putting the accent in the wrong syllable. @GMA #annoyingthingspeoplesay

— Tim Ochipa (@timnoles) August 27, 2014


Follow NOAA’s guide to pronouncing hurricane names here.

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