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Dierks Bentley stays in near-constant conversation with his fans thanks to his accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Just the other night, Dierks posted a selfie as he prepared to take off on his third self-piloted flight of the day. He also uses social media to involve his fans at shows on his Riser tour. So far this year, Dierks has tweeted with fans to get them up onstage to sing karaoke with him during his set.

He says, “We’ve experimented with all different things that won’t be showstoppers.”

Dierks has been very excited to offer seat upgrades to fans in the audience via social media before he takes the stage, too.

“[It’s] so cool that it’s that easy to do, but it would have such a big impact on a fan’s life,” Dierks explains. “It would have a big impact on my life being able to move up to the front, some of the shows I used to go to as a kid.”

Dierks’ Riser tour is on the road through November.

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