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(ORANGE COUNTY, Fla.) —  A Florida man was arrested and accused of making a series of 911 calls alleging that his neighbor was waving a gun at gay people and even a school bus.

The neighbor, Richard Simmons, was handcuffed and arrested at one point because of the phone calls, police said. He was later released.

The calls were made by Donovan Greenfield, 37, because Simmons had previously asked him to turn down the music, according to police.

Greenfield, 37, was charged with aggravated stalking and misuse of 911 after he allegedly placed at least six 911 calls providing physical description that matched Simmons. He changed his voice and fabricated facts, stating that Simmons was toting his gun each time he made the call, police said.

“Mr. Simmons had been handcuffed at gunpoint and then released when the first fake 911 call took place in Jan. 17,” Jeff Williamson, public information officer at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, told ABC News.

The seven-month ordeal began when Simmons asked his new neighbor, Greenfield to turn down the music, Williamson said.

“Mr. Simmons had been living in his condominium for over 20 years. Greenfield and his partner had moved in around January this year,” the officer said.

Simmons, who works night shifts, sleeps during the day. When his sleep routine was disrupted by Greenfield who constantly played loud music during the day, he approached Greenfield, asking him if he would mind turning down his music during the day, Williamson said.

“Mr. Greenfield perceived this request as an indication that Mr. Simmons was hostile toward gay people,” Williamson said. “Mr. Greenfield began to specifically cause loud noises by playing music and slamming doors.”

“Apart from playing loud music, Mr. Greenfield also placed several fake 911 calls. Four of them originated from the same cellphone number,” Williamson said.

Earlier this month, Simmons called police to report that Greenfield had harassed him, Williamson said. When police arrived, they approached Greenfield with evidence of him faking the 911 calls.

“Mr. Greenfield stated that the phone was his former cellphone, and said he didn’t remember making any calls,” Williamson said. “He later admitted to making the 911 calls.”

Greenfield pleaded not guilty and was bonded out of the Orange County Jail.

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