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Now that Luke Bryan is a millionaire, his habit of impulse shopping isn’t that big a deal. When he was a broke and aspiring country singer in Nashville, however, spending big money was a real problem.

Luke tells People Country, “When I moved to Nashville, I didn’t have much money, but I wanted a new guitar and I felt like this one guitar was the one to have, so I dropped, like, two grand on this high-end guitar and it was damn impulsive, considering I didn’t have any money.”

These days, Luke is more likely to splurge on something for his big piece of property south of Nashville.  He says, “When I want to buy something, I can’t relax until I buy it. If I see an old farm truck I want on my farm … that’s it, I want it.”

Luke should have a big payday from his show at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia Friday night.

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