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(AURORA, Colo.) — Students at a middle school in Aurora, Colorado, were evacuated Monday morning when a burned-out pipe bomb was found at the school.

Sniffer dogs and expert teams checked the school but found no other explosives.

Captain Wendy Lippman from the Aurora County Fire Department says video surveillance shows suspects at Mrachek Middle School Sunday evening, trying to light the pipe bomb, which failed to explode.

“The exterior of the building on the south side of the school, there was remnants of an attempted bomb detonation, pipe bomb detonation. There was not an actual explosion. The suspects that tried to detonate it were unsuccessful,” Lippman said.

“The pipe bomb itself is where they take shrapnel and explosives and put them inside a closed container, like a pipe shape, and that’s what these suspects did. However, they were unsuccessful in making it detonate,” Lippman added.

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