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(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) — Californias, here we come?

Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper, sponsor of a “Six California” measure that would appear before voters on the November 2016 ballot, announced Tuesday that he’s got more than enough signatures for his amendment.

Draper, a multimillionaire, asserted, “We are ready to make a change. We’re saying, make one failing government into six great states.”

Claiming to have collected 1.3 million signatures, Draper said that they’ve been submitted to registrars in all 58 counties, who will then determine their validity. If 808,000 pass muster, voters will get the chance to split the Golden State into six mini-states.

The new states proposed by Draper would be Silicon Valley, South California, West California, Central California, North California and Jefferson.

According to Draper, these smaller states with smaller governments would better serve Californians.

According to opponents of the “Six California” measure, Draper is a bored rich guy with too much time on his hands.

Steve Maviglio, a Democratic political consultant, says the plan is doomed to fail because it doesn’t address the real needs of Californians, such as education and healthcare. Polls affirms Maviglio’s view.

Furthermore, Congress would have to give approval to the measure, if it does pass, which is extremely unlikely.

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