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(ORLANDO, Fla.) — One of the three alleged “ninja robbers” claims they used Google Earth to target homes.

Police arrested Frank Bower in Central Florida in May. He told investigators the trio scouted homes ahead of time to find ones that could be easily entered.

“He goes on that Google Earth and then he could look at the houses and he could look at the way they go in and out,” Bower told police in recorded interviews.

“They look it up on Google Earth, which can give you a picture of the front door. You can look at the entrances and exits, how you are going to get in the house” said former FBI special agent Brad Garrett.

Bower and his accomplices are accused of holding Bill Kitchen and Camilo Espinel hostage inside their multimillion home in Central Florida in April.

“It was horrible,” said Kitchen. “I’ve never had a gun pointed in my face.”

Investigators said Bower, Jonathan Contreras and Andres Perez snuck into the garage and ambushed Kitchen and Espinel when they returned home, tying them up and putting pillowcases over their heads.

“Throughout the entire event, we were quite alarmed,” said Kitchen. “I remember trying to keep my mind focused on a positive outcome just so fear didn’t overcome me.”

The robbery suspects left with jewelry.

“They made off with several nice watches and the thing that I probably value the most .. a gold coin that I wear around my neck, which was a treasure coin,” said Kitchen. “I really miss that. I wish I could get that back.”

Bower has pleaded not guilty.


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