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Garth Brooks is moving into the second phase of his career with some big news.  At a Nashville press conference, Sony Music CEO Doug Morris announced that Brooks will be recording for the label, with Brooks himself later clarifying that it’ll be for RCA Nashville. 

And yes, that does mean there will be new music from Garth.  When asked when we’ll get that new music, Garth said, “I know that but I can’t tell you that.”  After being gently pressed, he declared, “Sometime in the next two months.”  Whether that’s true, however, or was said with a wink remains to be seen.

Brooks also revealed that he’ll no longer be a holdout when it comes to offering his music digitally.  However, it’ll be only through Garth’s website, GarthBooks.com.  Garth said he’ll be “going digital” in the next few weeks.

Garth addressed social media as well, saying he’ll be doing something there, but “our stance on social media is not quantity, but quality.”

The last thing Garth addressed before opening the floor to questions was the recently-canceled series of shows in Ireland.  Brooks spoke at length, essentially saying he thought the five shows were a go until he heard that only three had been green-lighted.  As for what happened, Garth said he had no idea, and that at no time during the arrangements or press for the shows did anyone say, as he put it, “Whoa, whoa, wait.”  He also said all the powers that be have to do is say “yes,” and he’ll be there.  “It’s a simple ‘yes’ is all it is,” he said repeatedly.

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