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When he first moved to Nashville more than a decade ago, Jerrod Niemann became fast friends with other aspiring country stars like Luke Bryan, Lee Brice, Randy Houser and Billy Currington. As they all got to know each other, Jerrod began to realize not all of his singer/songwriter pals had their parents’ support in chasing their dreams.

Says Jerrod, “I noticed that most of my friends, their parents were really upset with ’em for moving to Nashville. They thought it was a cop out that they didn’t want to actually do something with their lives.”

Luckily, Jerrod’s parents never asked him to come up with a plan B should his dreams of country stardom not come true. In fact, they even sacrificed to give Jerrod financial support in the early years.

“We definitely didn’t come from a rich, wealthy background,” Jerrod says. “They’ve worked their whole lives and at times when they certainly probably didn’t need to be giving me money or helping me out or just making sure that we got a starter in the van fixed that we’re hauling around the country.”

He adds, “Just things like that they’d help [with] along the way really helps you get from point A to point B over all those years.”

Jerrod’s parents recently came to Nashville to help him celebrate his latest #1 hit, “Drink to That All Night.” Jerrod is now back on his way to the top of the charts with his brand-new single, “Buzz Back Girl.”

Look for the remix video of “Drink to That All Night” featuring Pitbull now on Vevo.

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