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(NOGALES, Ariz.) — Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson vowed Wednesday to stem the influx of children from Mexico and Central America illegally crossing the border into the U.S.

With an estimated 50,000 youngsters having done so already this year, Johnson toured the Border Patrol facility in Nogales, Arizona, that is housing hundreds of undocumented children.

Just a day earlier, Johnson told a House committee, “We’re making clear that the earned path to citizenship, contemplated by the Senate bill passed last year, will not apply to individuals who cross the border now or in the future, only to those who have been in this country for the last year and a half.”

However, the Homeland Security chief is fighting the perception that once the children arrive in the U.S., they are literally free to wander aimlessly.

Johnson told reporters Wednesday, “They are not released to the street in Arizona. They are not released to a bus station in Arizona. They are sent to the department of health and human services to one of their many shelters there.”

Meanwhile, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who has battled the federal government over its immigration policies, was incensed by what she contends is the administration’s seeming inability to stop kids and adults from entering her state illegally.

Brewer, said conditions for the kids at the shelter are fine but it’s time to secure the border. “Dang it! The Federal government has got a job to do. Unfortunately, in Arizona I got sued by the federal government to do their job and lost,” said Brewer.

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