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(PHILADELPHIA) — Philadelphia police have launched a massive search for three men they say abducted a teen, then stormed his family’s home — making off with $30,000 in cash and another $100,000 worth of jewelry, according to authorities.

The harrowing ordeal happened in broad daylight Wednesday afternoon when police say the suspects abducted the son of Christian Garnica as the ninth-grade student walked home from school.

“A little after 1 p.m., the young man he was walking on his way home, he was approached by two black males who forced him inside of a silver Subaru Outback,” Philadelphia Police Lieutenant John Stanford told ABC News.

“They covered his eyes with some type of tape and then drove to his residence,” Stanford added.

A young girl witnessed the incident and told ABC News affiliate WPVI the men taped the victim’s eyes shut and pushed the boy into a getaway car that was driven by a man wearing a ski mask.

“He picked him up. He pushed him in the car. The boy was a teenager. He tried to get out, but they would not let him out,” the witness said.

After forcing the teen into the vehicle, police say the men then drove to the family home and knocked on the door.

Garnica’s father, who was home waiting for the teen, opened the door hoping it was his son, only to find the gun wielding suspects force their way into the house.

“They came in. They had guns. They put us down. They asked us for money,” Garnica told WPVI.

“Once inside the property they tie up the father and the mother who was also home at the time,” Stanford said. “I believe they tied up the father with shoe laces. The men then rummaged through the home.”

The men then sped off with Garnica’s son still in the getaway car. Garnica, who was able to untie himself, tried to chase after the suspects.

The suspects later dropped off Garnica’s unharmed son a few blocks away.

Police are looking at neighborhood surveillance cameras for clues.

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