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(LOS ANGELES) — In what amounted to a battle of students vs. teachers in California, the students have won.

A judge ruled Tuesday that teacher tenure is unconstitutional, supporting a lawsuit brought on behalf of nine students from the nonprofit Student Matters in which they alleged the current system allows teachers too many protections when accused of being ineffective in the classroom.

Should Judge Rolf M. Treu’s decision stand an inevitable legal challenge, the entire California school system will have to craft new ways of employing teachers and firing those who are shown to be sub-standard.

Following the ruling, the plaintiff’s attorney Theodore J. Boutrous Jr., told reporters, “These laws are hurting students and hurting teachers. They make no sense. They are damaging in every respect.”

Another supporter of the lawsuit, Los Angeles schools chief John Deasy proclaimed, “Nothing we do in our schools is more important to the education of the child than the quality of his or her teacher.”

The California Teachers Association and the California Federation of Teachers joined the state in opposing the lawsuit, arguing that poor management was the chief reason why bad teachers don’t get the boot.

However, Judge Treu sided with students who claimed that low-income and minority children suffered the most by protections in place that make firing an inefficient teacher nearly impossible.

Teachers unions contend without these protections, it will be impossible to retain worthy instructors.

The defendants have two weeks to file objections to the judge’s ruling.

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