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(NEW YORK) — Hillary and Bill Clinton  are spending more time together now than they have “for a number of years” because she is no longer traveling as much as when she was secretary of state, Hillary Clinton told Robin Roberts in an exclusive interview this morning on ABC’s “Good Morning America.

“Now, since I’m not also traveling endlessly a lot, we are together a lot,” she said. “I mean, we just have a lot of time and it’s probably as much time as we’ve had together for a number of years. Because we’re always working hard, we like to work hard, but we also really relish the time together.”

She soon will become a grandmother, but said she hasn’t decided yet what she wants to be called, adding, “I’m going to wait. I want this to kind of develop organically.

“I’ve talked to a lot of my friends who have preceded me into grandmotherhood, and some of them have said, ‘I knew exactly what I wanted to be called and I had a hard time convincing the baby to call me that because he or she wanted to call me something else,’ so I just want to see how this develops. But I could not be happier,” she said.  “This is something that I’ve looked forward to for a long time.”

In the final seconds of the interview, Clinton sat for a lightening round and revealed Archbishop Desmond Tutu was the person living she admires the most, but noted Nelson Mandela topped her list before his death in December.

As for the politician she would let babysit her future grandchild, she didn’t hesitate. “Women of the Senate” would be her choice.

“I am very close to a lot of women in the Senate and I’m putting out the offer right now: If any of them want to babysit, all they need to do is call. They’ve got my number. I’d be thrilled to have them,” Clinton said.

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