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(DENVER) — The climber who was airlifted off a 13,000 foot ledge in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park Wednesday said he was “stupid” for making the climb unprepared.

A team of 28 rescuers used helicopters to extract 19-year-old Samuel Frappier after he became stuck on his descent from Longs Peak.

“Going down, at first it was going well, not too dangerous,” he said. “But one time it became too dangerous. It was just very, very steep.”

Frappier took a shorter path down the mountain than the route he had climbed because he was exhausted, he said, but the path soon became dangerous and he had no technical hiking gear or experience.

“It’s a very, very technical climb and I’m equipped with running shoes,” he said.

Frappier spent Tuesday night on the mountain despite having no overnight supplies. Rescuers had to wait for the weather to clear in order to extract him from the ledge. They communicated with him using cellphones, according to ABC News affiliate KMGH.

Late Wednesday, the helicopters flew to him but had trouble landing, at first.

“The helicopter was trying to get near but it was very steep, so it could not get near,” he said. “It tried three times and I was going to sleep another restless night when they called, finally. I looked for a better spot for the helicopter to pick me up.”

Frappier was grateful to have been rescued from the situation and admitted he made many mistakes.

“I imagine people saying I am stupid and they’re right: It was stupid, and I’m never going to do that again,” he said. “But I’m lucky it ended well.”

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