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(TOWSON, Md.) — Police have surrounded ABC News affiliate WMAR-TV in Towson, Maryland after a suspect they describe as “possibly armed” drove a truck into the building Tuesday.

“The guy got out of the car first and started trying to unlock…he started trying to come in the door, which is obviously locked, because we have security. And he started screaming to let him in, let him in, and he said ‘I am God, let me in.’ Obviously we ignored him, security ignored him, and then that is when he got into his truck and started ramming the station,” WMAR reporter Brian Kuebler told ABC News.

“We have steps and then a vestibule with two sets of double doors. He had to get through a lot of building, at least five rams I’m being told, in order to get into the lobby,” he added.

The station has since been evacuated and there have been no reports of injuries. The suspect is believed to be barricaded.

“I guess they are calling it a barricade situation. I don’t have the scanner with me, but they say he may be armed and he’s held up somewhere in the station,” Kuebler said.

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