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(NEW YORK) — For hours, he and his wife listened to the animal’s cries for help.

Then, armed with a knife, hammer and a flashlight, William Levin got to work.

“The noises suddenly sounded different — they were louder, more stressed, and coming from inside the wall,” he said.

Levin rescued a baby raccoon that had fallen from its nest and was stuck in the wall behind the oven in his Brooklyn apartment Monday. He told ABC News that raccoons had nested two years ago and had recently returned.

He cut his way through the wall, then reached in to pull out the raccoon.

“We rinsed the dust and debris off her fur with warm water. The baby raccoon was too stressed to drink the saline-sugar water we offered, and slept through the night, seemingly exhausted from the traumatic ordeal,” Levin said.

He said they called NJB Pest Control on Tuesday morning and that the raccoon cried and slept most of the day. A wildlife operator picked up the raccoon later that day so it could be rehabilitated before its release into the wild.

“Now we have two traps in our ceiling with the hopes of catching the mother and reuniting her with the baby,” Levin said.

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